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General Information
Sebergham Parish Council holds 6 parish council meetings each year, one being its 'Annual Meeting' in May.  In addition, an ‘Annual Parish Meeting’ takes place each March for the benefit of all parishioners who may wish to discuss local issues with Councillors.  Unless otherwise advertised, meetings take place in Welton village hall commencing at 7.30pm. 

Members of the public are entitled to attend meetings of the council and observe the business taking place but are not allowed to take part in any debate. However, at each parish council meeting, time is allocated for 'Public Participation' at which point the meeting is adjourned and members of the public can speak on issues that concern them.

Parish Councillors
The parish council is made up of eight elected councillors. For more details see the 'Parish Councillors' page.
The council employs a clerk, who together with the chairman, is responsible for the 'day to day' running of the council. Any correspondence relating to the parish council should be directed to the clerk. See 'Contact the Council'.

Parish Council Elections
Elections for the membership of the Parish Council take place every four years. As only six nominations were received to fill the eight council seats at the election on the 5th May 2011, all six will automatically serve as Councillors without an election being held. The Council currently has one co-opted Member.

Parish Notice Boards
The parish council maintains two notice boards within the parish on which official notices are displayed. They are located in Churchtown, Sebergham and in the centre of Welton village.
Parish notice boards can also be used by members of the public to advertise other local events. Users are kindly requested to remove notices and posters once the event has taken place.

Parish Council Governance documents

In the interests of transparency, and to meet varying legal requirements & national advice, the following documents are made available for public scrutiny. Please click on each title to access the full document.

Assets Register

Code of Conduct for Councillors 

Financial Regulations

Parish Council Representatives

Publication Scheme

Publication - information available

Standing Orders

Notice of audited accounts

Audited accounts 2016/17

Sebergham PC accounts y/e 31-3-2018

Annual Governance and Accountability return

Future meeting dates

The Parish Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of alternate months unless otherwise stated

Meetings will take place on the following dates in 2018


25th July

26th Sept

28th November

All meetings are held in Welton Village Hall and

commence at 7.30p.m. unless otherwise stated


Residents in the Parish are invited to attend all meetings, and will be

given an opportunity to raise any issues of concern. 



To access agendas and minutes please click on the appropriate entry below:

Meetings of the Parish Council
Date Agenda Minutes  
25 July 2018  Agenda     
23 May 2018  Agenda  Minutes   
28 Mar 2018  Agenda  Minutes   
28 Mar 2018 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda Minutes  
31 Jan 2018  Agenda  Minutes   
22 Nov 2017  Agenda  Minutes   
27 Sept 2017 Agenda  Minutes   
26 July 2017  Agenda  Minutes   
24 May 2017  Agenda  Minutes   
22 March 2017 Agenda Minutes   
22 March 2017 - Annual Parish Meeting Agenda  Minutes   
25 Jan 2017  Agenda  Minutes   
23 Nov 2016  Agenda  Minutes   
28 Sept 2016  Agenda  Minutes   
27 July 2016  Agenda  Minutes   
25 May 2016  Agenda  Minutes   
23 March 2016  Agenda  Minutes   
23 March 2016 - Annual Parish Meeting Agenda  Minutes 
27 Jan 2016 Agenda  Minutes 
25 Nov 2015 Agenda  Minutes 
11 Nov 2015 - Extra Ordinary planning Mtg Agenda Minutes 
23 Sept 2015  Agenda  Minutes   
22 July 2015 Agenda Minutes  
20 May 2015 - Annual Meeting Agenda Minutes   
20 May 2015 - Annual Parish Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
18 March 2015 Agenda  Minutes   
4 Feb 2015  Agenda  Minutes   
21 Jan 2015  Agenda  Minutes   
19 Nov 2014  Agenda  Minutes   
17 Sept 2014 Agenda Minutes
16 July 2014 Agenda Minutes   
11 June 2014  Agenda  Minutes   
28 May 2014 Agenda Minutes   
21 May 2014 Agenda Minutes  
21 May 2014 AGM Agenda  Minutes   
19 Mar 2014  Agenda  Minutes   
15 Jan 2014  Agenda  Minutes   
20 Nov 2013  Agenda  Minutes   
18 Sept 2013 Agenda  Minutes   
17 July 2013 Agenda  Minutes   
15 May 2013  Agenda Minutes  
15 May 2013 AGM Agenda Minutes  
20 Mar 2013 Agenda  Minutes   
16 Jan 2013 Agenda Minutes  
21 Nov 2012  Agenda  Minutes  
19 Sept 2012 Agenda Minutes   
18 July 2012 Agenda Minutes   
16 May 2012 Agenda Minutes   
16 May 2012 - AGM Agenda Minutes  
1 May 2012 - Special planning meeting Agenda Minutes   
28 March 2012 Agenda  Minutes   
1st Feb 2012 Agenda Minutes   
30 Nov 2011 Agenda  Minutes   
14 Sept 2011 Agenda Minutes   
20 July 2011 Agenda Minutes   
11 May 2011 Agenda Minutes  
11 May 2011 AGM Agenda Minutes  
30 March 2011 Agenda Minutes  
02 Feb 2011 Agenda Minutes  
24 Nov 2010 Agenda Minutes  
15 Sept 2010 Agenda Minutes  
21 July 2010 Agenda Minutes  
12 May 2010 Agenda Minutes  
12 May 2010 - AGM Agenda Minutes  
31 March 2010 Agenda Minutes  
20 January 2010 Agenda Minutes  
11 November 2009 Agenda Minutes  
23 September 2009 Agenda Minutes  
13 July 2009 Agenda Minutes  
19 May 2009 Agenda Minutes  
19 May 2009 - AGM Agenda Minutes
15 April 2009 Agenda Minutes
11 March 2009 Agenda Minutes
14 January 2009 Agenda Minutes
12 November 2008 Agenda Minutes
03 September 2008 Agenda Minutes
11 June 2008 Agenda Minutes
20 May 2008 Agenda Minutes
20 May 2008 - AGM Agenda Minutes
26 March 2008 Agenda Minutes  
06 February 2008 Agenda Minutes  
28 November 2007 Agenda Minutes
26 September 2007 Agenda Minutes
31 July 2007 Agenda Minutes
18 July 2007 Agenda Minutes
23 May 2007 Agenda Minutes
23 May 2007 - AGM Agenda Minutes
21 March 2007 Agenda Minutes
24 January 2007 Agenda Minutes
For copies of minutes pre 2007, please contact the Clerk to the Council